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Brazil: Serra Bonita Sementes aims sales of R$300mil in 2015/16

Formed in April 2013 via a joint venture between Boa Safra Sementes, Fiagril and SinAgro, Serra Bonita Sementes will debut commercially in 2014 with production of 600,000 sacks (40 kilos) of soy seeds, aiming the 2014/15 cycle. Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento (Conab) expects record production of 90mil tons for this harvest. It starts operating with all commercial infrastructure established, composed by Fiagril's and SinAgro's resellers already present in Mato Grosso, Bahia and Tocantins. Both firms operate mainly in the distribution of inputs to, and outsourcing agriculture services, while Boa Safra Sementes stands out as seeds producer. Operating solo, consolidated turnover of the three companies ranges around R$4bil. Together in Serra Bonita Sementes, they are expecting income of R$80mil in the cycle 2013/14, amount that may be of R$300mil in 2015/16. The firm counts with 17,000 ha in the municipalities of Unai and Buritis (Minas Gerais) and plans to enlarge activities up to 20,000 ha, being 10,000 ha with irrigation systems. Ivandro Granetto, general director Serra Bonita Sementes, commented that harvesting cycle begins in January comanded by a team of 120 agronomists offering assistance to producers. It plans investment of R$40mil during 2014 in the construction of a benefiting unit at Buritis, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows Serra Bonita to achieve installed capacity of 3mil sacks of soy seeds. Granetto talks about reaching production of at least 2mil sacks as of 2015/16, adding that also bets on corn and beans.

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