My Economic Predictions for 2014

For 2014, I believe the US economy will continue to improve. This is why the FED will push through with the Tapering that will cut and eventually remove the monetary stimulus. But still I believe the US economy will grow in 2014 because the unemployment rate will be down below 7%.

I think the Chinese economy is overheating. There is news that the real estate sector there is taking a bubble. This is because of too much government stimulus which made lending very cheaper.

The Japanese economy is expected to be one of the best performers in Asia. Abenomics looks good and effective. They now have an inflation after years of deflation. I hope this will still continue with the help of a lower value for the japanese yen.

ASEAN countries are getting closer towards economic intergration. Their target is 2015 but most of the work will surely happen in 2014. I hope they will make it through. Asean economy could be the main engine of economic growth in the years to come.

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