How To Make A Table Of Contents Page For Your Tecks

I wanted to share with you a technique I have been using on teckler to keep my content organized.

I know it is something that not everyone will want to invest the time into doing but for those who do it can make a big difference for keeping track of the articles you write on teckler.

The reason I created these table of content pages was so that I could easily go back and update information on pages.

Here is an example of what my teckler table of content pages look like:

Gardening Tips Table of Contents

Homestead Living Table of Contents

Shopping Gifts Table of Contents

Celebrity News Table of Contents

Web Reviews Table of Contents

You can make them anyway you want, the point is just to have one page that lists your various articles under the same theme or topic.

For instance you can put all of your teck pages about pets on one page and then create a separate page for all of your tecks about cars, etc. Then you can easily see which pages you want to update at a later time.

Image: Notepad

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Have you tried organizing your Teck pages?

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