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Teckler Review - What Is Teckler? And How To Get The Most Out of The Site

If you are just looking at Teckler for the first time and you are wondering what it is and how you are supposed to use it. I want to share with you some of the things I have learned along the way as an online writer.
First of all a site is what YOU make it, Teckler can only be as good as its community of users.
Teckler has provided a platform for people to use, they can upload videos, photos, audios and write articles on a variety of categories.
Yes it is great that they offer 70 percent of the site revenue with its users and although that is a nice motivator it should not be the only reason you are on the site. For example how do you expect for a site to pay you when you are not contributing anything worth paying for?
I see many people asking if Teckler pays and how do they make money on the site or what is Tecker all about? To me that is like asking what is the internet? and how do people make money on social networks?

All Crowd-Sourcing Sites Are The Same

All of these kinds of sites are the same in nature, they all have the same end goal and that is to provide a place for advertisers to reach a larger audience with their ads. When you join a site like Teckler you are agreeing to contribute content either in the form of a picture, video, audio or text that will attract related ads from companies who are paying for page impressions.
Teckler is a business, Teckler is a revenue sharing site, Teckler is you and me. Think of who made Facebook successful, it was all the people who joined, contributed content and shared it with their friends and family. Without the people Facebook would not be as big as it is today.
Who made Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube??? The people, the users, the members of the sites.
Teckler needs YOU, your voice, your content, your experiences, your knowledge, your social connections.
Teckler is no different than all the other crowdsourcing websites out there on the web. The only difference is how people will use the site, are they going to make it a place worth coming to everyday or will people squander the opportunity? Only time will tell.

How I see Teckler

I see Teckler as a vehicle, as a tool, as another way for me to get exposure for my talent of writing content. I see it as a place to share my thoughts and ideas, I see it as a way to connect and meet other people in the blogsphere.
What I find really fascinating is that since I joined Teckler I have learned about several other sites that pay for participation, that alone is worth the price of admission which is FREE.
Hopefully you will see Teckler as a place you can use for getting your message out to the masses. It will be great if Teckler articles are seen ranking high on the Google search engines for organic visitors but if that doesn't happen all is not lost because the site has an internal community of contributors who have interesting things to share.

Teckler earnings are based on Performance Payments - This means writers are rewarded for how active they are on the site in regards to following, commenting and publishing new content on the site. This is why you will usually see in the manage account section your earnings are pending until confirmed. To make more money on Teckler it just may require that you consistently participate on the site.

You can increase your performance pay by sharing tecks with the social media buttons located on each page, commenting on other writers tecks, writing new content each day and updating old tecks with new information. Posting and sharing videos, photos and staying logged in throughout the day.

How YOU Can Use Teckler

Here are some ideas I thought of that can be useful for people wondering how to use Teckler:

  • Use it to drive traffic and visitors to your websites and blogs
  • Use it to create a sample portfolio for freelance writing jobs
  • Use it to share your poetry writings and sayings
  • Use it to share your favorite recipes
  • Use it to rant about things you don't like about the world
  • Use it to promote a charity or non-profit organization
  • Use it to meet new people
  • Use it to learn about other paid to post sites
  • Use it to share your experiences with making money online
  • Use it to showcase your online writing from other similar sites
  • Use it to share interesting articles on your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account
  • Use it to upload your favorite Youtube videos from your channel
  • Use it to upload your favorite photos
  • Use it to add images to your Pinterest account
  • Use it to be creative, unique, or different
  • Use it to improve your writing skills
  • Use it to write book reviews
  • Use it to give writing tips
  • Use it to write a fiction story series
  • Use it to create technical tutorials
  • Use it to make your own wiki page
  • Use it to post about current events in your area
  • Use it to give your opinion about celebrity news
  • Use it to keep track of the sites you like to visit online
  • Use it to create an outline for a free ebook
  • Use it to feature new trends
  • Use it to create a fan page for your favorite celebrity
  • Use it to republish content you own from another site

These are only suggestions and are not to be considered the rule of thumb, if you want to know what Teckler accepts on their site read the Terms of Service here: http://www.teckler.com/en/terms

How To Get More Views on Your Tecks - You are probably familiar with sharing content on the web with blog sites, forums and bookmarking sites like Redgage, Scoopit, and Pinterest which are a great way to interlink your articles together to maximize your views.

How To Create Table of Contents for Your Tecks - Once you start to get a larger amount of content in your Teck account you will want to find a easy way to keep everything organized and easy to find for updates or sharing on social networks.
Here is an example of how I have created Table of Content pages for each of my accounts:

How To Use Quotes on Your Teck Pages - There is a feature on the formatting toolbar in your article editor on teckler that you can use to quote from your favorite news sources, found on most popular online magazines like the New York Times or Forbes. You can see an example of how I have used "quotes" on this Teck: Social Shopping the Future of eCommerce.

How To Make Colored Fonts on Your Teck Pages - I have been experimenting with different ways of making my Teckler articles more interesting and it starts with the way the article displays text and images. To get colorful text on your pages you will want to use Microsoft Paint to create the message in whatever font style you want and then you can pick the colors too. See an example of how I did this here: My-Holiday-Shopping-Wish-List
How To Make a One-Page Resource on Teckler - If you have a variety of sites that you like to frequent on a regular basis you can make your very own resource teck page similar to what I did with this one: The-Future-of-User-Generated Content Sites


As you can see there is no limit to how you choose to use Teckler, I just recommend that you do not waste this opportunity to create something great.
It may not be the site that will get you rich or get you tons of traffic to your sites but aren't there plenty of places online that do that already?
Teckler is user friendly, and has a very simple text, photo and video editor. What more can you ask for? plus how you use Teckler is going to be dependent on your online goals.
I agree that this site is not for everyone, some people will find it to be of no use to them and that is fine. All sites are not created equal and you will have to determine if Teckler can be a resource for your online goals or not.

See more Teckler Tutorials on this page

Let me know of some ideas you have in regards to ways to use Teckler


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  • Violent content

  • Discriminatory content or cyber bullying

  • Child abuse

  • Spam

  • Copyright Violation

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