The Benefits Of Using Rabbit Manure As Fertilizer

Rabbits are very good at producing an excellent source of manure for a garden. Even just one pet rabbit can produce enough manure to help a garden produce a better harvest. It is rich in nutrients and is very simple to apply to a garden.


There are many types of fertilizers on the market, but very few have the nutrient levels as high as rabbit manure. Rabbit manure is the highest in nitrogen and phosphorus, which are two of the three nutrients that plants need to grow. Nitrogen helps the plants grow greener and stronger and the phosphorus helps the plants to convert the nitrogen to food.

How to use

There are several methods for the use of rabbit manure for gardens. Many use it directly from the rabbit and apply it to the garden, which most people believe to be the most efficient and quickest way to get it into use. There is a controversy on whether the manure will burn the plants because of how fresh it is but most garden vegetables won’t be burned by small amounts.

If large quantities of rabbit manure are to be used, then the manure should be first composted, giving the droppings time to break down. Composting with other materials like grass and leaves and garden cuttings will not hurt the nutrients in the rabbit dropping. The nutrients will still be in the compost and it will still be beneficial when it is applied to the soil.

When to apply

Rabbit manure can be applied in small amounts anytime of the year directly to the topsoil to help give plants a boost during growing season. It can also be added to the area around the plants by using a trowel or hoe to work it into the soil. Large amounts of composted manure can be worked into the soil before planting. Some people use rabbit manure and place it over the garden at the end of the summer harvest, allowing the nutrients to drain into the ground through winter. Then, when spring comes around they turn the remaining material into the soil.


Earthworms can be grown underneath rabbit cages directly in the rabbit droppings. This helps to break down the droppings more quickly for use and helps to reduce the smell. The benefit to the garden is actually increased with this type of system because worms are transferred from the manure to the garden. The other benefit is that worms can be sold as a second business along with raising rabbits. The drawbacks to this is that you must keep the droppings under the cages moist at all times and occasionally feed the worms.

Rabbit manure is the best type of manure for a garden and will help to increase poor soil. Finding a sourceof rabbit manure will benefit any garden and help to increase the yield. It is also a very organic way to add nutrients back to a garden.

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